Monday, October 1, 2012

Video Art Reading qustions

1. I remember in one part of the reading that said their was a pecking order form cinema to T.v to Computer generated images. I'm more interested about the last category though, the computer generated images. It seems now several artist use these images in almost all of their art; not only that but images and even CGI seems to be extremely involved in the market. My question is that has this pecking order changed to where CGI is on top of the heap? or is it just reflective of peoples opinions and the times they live in?

2. I've noticed that alot of these art video's convey very individual insight and idea's about there contemporary world. I wonder if music video's could be considered that then since they also try to convey meaning not only in a auditory sense but a visual sense? Or is it more for profit, in that they try to use videos as a marketing tool?

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